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Preparing a surface for application of a fluid coating is key to whether or not that coating effectively serves its purpose.  Learn about preparation before you apply!

Fluid Applied Coating Preparation

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Our Team 


Michael Showalter is the owner and President of Construction Dispute Resolution, Inc.  (CDR).  In 1993 after twenty-three years of experience working in the construction industry as a laborer, carpenter, then general contractor and occasional expert witness, he established CDR as a vehicle for alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Mike was one of the early non-lawyers in this field and he continues to be a leader among those who have joined the industry.  Mike's construction expertise, real estate experience and knowledge of the legal process, along with his keen observation and negotiating skills, provide a unique basis for effective dispute resolution.  During his long career in this field Mike has served as a consultant, consulting and expert witness, mediator and arbitrator.

Mike's experience has prepared him to consult and offer expert testimony in most areas of residential and commercial construction, including scheduling, defect analysis, mitigation and remediation.  In addition, he frequently is asked to assist on personal injury claims.

Mike is also Owner/Designated Broker of Showpiece Investment Property Management.  He frequently gives classes and seminars for contractors, consultants and real estate professionals in the Pacific Northwest, teaches an Earthquake Retrofit class for contractors and building officials, is a speaker at the Seattle Home Show, and appears as a guest on radio talk shows.

Backwoods hiking, flyfishing, photography, and biking occupy Mike's recreation time, as well as woodworking and gardening -- growing the hottest peppers he can find.

Mike's CV


Bryce Given is Manager of Operations and a Case Manager for CDR.  He has extensive and diverse experience in the construction industry, having worked for over 16 years as a project manager for various large commercial contractors and for several years owned a general contracting business.  With this first-hand knowledge of both commercial and residential construction Bryce readily breaks down complicated technical and accounting issues often presented in construction disputes.  Certified as an RCI, Inc. Registered Roof Observer, he has valuable expertise in water intrusion and building envelope issues. 

An avid outdoor sports enthusiast, Bryce enjoys trail running, hiking, flyfishing, and bicycling (he has raced bicycles locally and nationally).  When not out on the streets and trails, Bryce enjoys time with family, gardening, reading and walking the dog.

Bryce's CV


Bill Christenson is a Case Manager for CDR and has over 24 years of successful construction management experience in building and civil construction work.  He was an owner of a large multi-state commercial contracting firm that included military and public works contracting in addition to residential and multi-family housing projects.  Bill's background of bid preparation, quality control, cost management, purchasing, and project supervision gives him a broad framework for analyzing building systems and construction issues.  His skills in contract administration and negotiation are a strong asset to his work as a case manager at CDR.  As a member of the American Concrete Institute, Bill's expansive knowledge of concrete and concrete systems further augments CDR's base of expertise.

Bill enjoys pursuing his recreational time in the mountains, whether it be resort or backcountry skiing, hiking, or motorcycling. He is not one to complain of Seattle winter doldrums unless winter is too short!

Bill's CV


Tracy Luiten is the operations coordinator for CDR.  She provides project support, case file management and office administration.  Tracy interacts with owners, attorneys, contractors and others in setting up retainer agreements, setting schedules, requesting documents, researching building code, requesting permit records, and other project support.  Prior to her work at CDR Tracy was a paralegal working with civil litigation and commercial matters.

Tracy's favorite pastimes are spending time with family, hiking and reading.




Laura Dieni is the accounting manager at CDR.  She has worked in the accounting and bookkeeping fields for nearly thirty years, previously overseeing the financial records for an import/export company and also working as an accounting manager & title clerk in the auto industry.  At CDR she is responsible for accounts receivable, payables, corporate reporting, and payroll.

Laura enjoys traveling to the sun, gardening, cooking, pilates and yoga. She volunteers for the Look Good Feel Better Organization for cancer patients, and various youth organizations in the community. 



Janet Showalter is an owner, Vice President, and general manager of CDR.  She handles human resources, purchasing, company benefits, and legal issues, along with maintaining office procedures, overseeing computer systems and managing the company website.  Janet is also a licensed managing broker of Showpiece Investment Property management, which is the real estate company she and Mike founded in 1984.  For 18 years prior to opening CDR, she and Mike owned and operated Showpiece Construction, Inc., a custom home construction company.  Her background also includes work in the mortgage business where she was the manager of a local escrow company and its branches. 

Janet is involved as a violinist with Orchestra Seattle and volunteers at church and Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center.  She likes to travel and also enjoys horseback riding, gardening, pilates, hiking, biking and macro photography.