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Homeowners who oversee their own projects are now subject to the same safety standards as a general contractor under WISHA laws. Know your responsibilities and liabilities before deciding to take on this role!

WISHA Compliance Extended to Homeowners

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Experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution


Construction Dispute Resolution, Inc. (CDR) is a well-known and respected firm of construction experts in the Seattle, Washington area whose focus is the resolution of disputes involving the purchase, sale, development, construction or remodeling of real property.  We provide expert consulting and forensic services, a detailed and objective analysis of the issues, recommendations for completion of work, a focused approach toward settlement, mediation, and arbitration.  

CDR's objective is to work with disputing parties to resume communication and negotiate a resolution in order to minimize or avoid the time, cost and personal disruption associated with lengthy litigation.  While the CDR team of consultants works closely with attorneys on many cases, they are not attorneys themselves and therefore do not give legal advice.

In 1993 after 23 years as a carpenter, general contractor and occasional expert witness, Mike Showalter established Construction Dispute Resolution as a multi-faceted vehicle for alternative dispute resolution.  As one of the early non-lawyers in this field he was committed to the goal of settlement outside of court, and today continues to be an avid proponent of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.  

All combined, the CDR team has more than 80 years of experience in the construction industry.  The strength of CDR's service is built on these experts' broad knowledge of construction practices and standards, their understanding of legal processes, and their diverse and ever-expanding skills in this field of work.