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Xactimate is a powerful estimating tool when bidding an insurance repair project.  Learn about it here.

Navigating Xactimate in an Insurance Loss

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Fan Mail

We ended up in mediation rather than court where my loss wasn't as much as it could have been. I highly recommend CDR for any issue involving construction including hiring expert witnesses if your case goes to court. D.K.


This was so much fun…let’s NOT do it again!  Seriously, without you we could not have settled…trust, expertise, professionalism – CDR provided all that and more.  Respite from the storm when we were too stubborn to give up.  Can’t thank you enough.  P.F. and J.J.


We have been very impressed with the service we received, and really appreciate the help. L.J.


We are so, so, SO grateful for your support through the ordeal of this disaster and resultant lawsuit… we are tremendously relieved at the results obtained…  C.D.


Thanks to you and your team for your assistance. I can’t imagine how this would have gone without your input. C.M. 


I was able to settle this case…Your scope of repairs helped bring the plaintiff down off his astronomical demand.  Thanks for all your help. D.S.