CDR Bulletin - Current Issue

Homeowners who oversee their own projects are now subject to the same safety standards as a general contractor under WISHA laws. Know your responsibilities and liabilities before deciding to take on this role!

WISHA Compliance Extended to Homeowners

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Construction Consulting 


Our consulting services can vary widely and include:

  • Introductory project review 
  • Plan review and related mark-ups during the design process
  • Plan review with focus on specific areas of concern following design completion
  • Verbal, photographic and written reports of findings and opinions
  • Analysis of work/cost as executed by various construction trades
  • Selective review of on-going construction issues and concerns
  • Creation of support documentation for construction in process
  • Creation of support documentation for future construction


CDR is also experienced in analyzing a variety of specialized documents involved in the design and construction process, including:

  • codes and regulations
  • competitive bid documents
  • consulting agreements
  • contract specifications
  • daily job diaries
  • installation instructions



  • material specifications
  • prime contracts
  • proposals requests
  • purchase orders
  • subcontracts