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Homeowners who oversee their own projects are now subject to the same safety standards as a general contractor under WISHA laws. Know your responsibilities and liabilities before deciding to take on this role!

WISHA Compliance Extended to Homeowners

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Real Estate Transaction Analysis


As a principal of CDR, Mike Showalter is unique in that he combines expertise in construction systems, products and dispute resolution with over twenty years of experience as designated broker of a Washington real estate brokerage, Showpiece Investment Property Management.  

Frequently CDR is called upon to analyze issues in troubled real estate transactions.  Typically these involve missed expectations of the purchaser, but also include errors created by the seller, listing or selling agents, lender, title company, appraiser, or home inspector.  

CDR conducts a thorough review of the listing and marketing materials together with all pertinent Purchase and Sales Agreement documentation to understand the basics of the transaction.  

Further review of inspection reports, appraisals, work orders and construction documents will be completed as required.  Site visits and interviews with various parties usually complete our analysis, enabling us to provide opinions and positions needed to settle or litigate the dispute.