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Homeowners who oversee their own projects are now subject to the same safety standards as a general contractor under WISHA laws. Know your responsibilities and liabilities before deciding to take on this role!

WISHA Compliance Extended to Homeowners

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Litigation Support


Litigation is a procedure for resolving disputes through the courts.  CDR provides expert testimony, fact finding and trial exhibits to support the litigation process.  We also offer strategic support for our clients and their attorneys.  Our fact finding is one of the most important services we provide, as we work intensely to discover important facts on the issues relating to the case.  Assisting in this way helps the client and attorney build key elements of their case in preparation for trial or arbitration.

Expert witnesses are asked to provide opinions and solutions in a deposition, trial or arbitration.  Therefore it is typical for experts to limit their review to issues in which they have training and experience.  In addition, construction experts must have additional resources available for a complete analysis.  These additional resources include reference materials, product literature, and a working knowledge of the codes and industry standards, together with professional services (scientists, engineers, accountants, etc.) that complement the expert's training and experience.  Experts can and should rely on any or all of these resources to establish their opinions and conclusions.

Being an expert witness entails diligent pursuit of the facts and an understanding of the legal process by which cases are resolved.  Experts are to testify truthfully and objectively to what they have perceived and about which they have formed an opinion.  In addition, an expert must have a degree of composure that strengthens his/her ability to remain calm and know the appropriate manner in which to respond.